I know you are excited to buy things online and make your life easier. But what if the website you go through doesn't work? Does PayPal work in Nigeria? That is the question that we'll be answering today.

PayPal is an online payment platform where one uses it to send and receive money from love ones and not just in the United States but in majority of the countries all over the world. The company has been around since 1998 and one of the most common uses of PayPal is to pay for wins in eBay auctions. While it’s not required to pay for your eBay auction with PayPal, because of the relationship between the two companies, it is a common usage of PayPal. PayPal accounts offer fraud protection, enhanced security and encryption for all transactions. Protecting and the recipient from losing your or exposing your credentials .

For the big question you ask, yes PayPal definitely works in Nigeria you just need to have a valid ID which has to be an international ID like a passport for busines account because you cant receive money with a persoanl account only being able to send. The setup might seems tedious, PayPal can offer you a personal account or one for your business — depending on what you need. In both cases, you’ll need to set up and verify your account before you can transact but you could contact and be sure to get an already setup and personal account to be able to receive money from your love ones in foreign country without no stress or unnecessary Nigerian bank charges or queuing up to set up an account. Although if you’re sending money as part of a purchase or as payment for a service, PayPal will take a small processing fee out of the amount before passing the balance on to the recipient.

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