Faith is not Enough



Just believing is not enough. Many Christians believe that Christ has done it all on the cross so they don't need to stress themselves any more. Believing is good because those who believe without seeing are blessed. "Blessed are those that believe and yet have not seen". Yet, believing alone is not enough. 


To your belief, add work. "Faith without work is dead if it abideth alone." Prayer is work. Yes, you believe that Christ is your security. He has secured your safety on the cross of Calvary. That faith is good, but you need to activate your faith with prayer. So, you don't just go to bed without praying. Do not embark on a journey, or start a business without praying. That would be leaving your life to chance. Prayer is the activation of your faith. Your mouth must be put to work. 


"For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, but with the mouth confession is made unto salvation" There is a place for prayers. There is a place for confession. There is a place for declaration, as it is popularly said, "A closed mouth is a closed destiny." There is yet a place for practical work; putting your faith, prayer, confession, and declaration into practical activity. 


Fasting also is work. Have you forgotten that some things will not leave, some mountains will not move, some demons will not go except you add fasting to your prayers. "This kind goeth not out except with prayer and fasting." If you want to get serious with issues of destiny, then you must be a faster. 


Summarily, to your faith, add prayer. To your prayer, add some fasting. To your fasingt, add some confessions and declarations. To all of this, make your faith a practical reality, for faith without work is dead if it abideth alone.


Osasuyi Omoragbon,

 January 2023.


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