Hazardous effects of Non-Organic food

   Ever wondered why middle age mortality is so popular in the world today? Ever wondered why terminal diseases are on the rise and very common in the world today? Well, a lot of the issues concerning in the world today came to be as a result of the food we eat. Food is defined as any edible substance we put in our mouth thus; it is safe to say we are what we eat. Consumption of junks before the 2020 pandemic was extreme because did not bother about their health and immunity, this resulted in the high number of mortality during the pandemic era as a result of low immune sytem cause by obesity, underlying and undiscovered diabetes, undiscovered heart issues. A lot of youth engage in binge eating and drinking without considering the aftermath of such on their body system, these food items have a high level of chemicals and underlying toxins in them.

   It is important at this point to sensitize the world at large on a consistent basis of the various health hazards related to eating food and drinks chemically grown, prepared or preserve. This food items definitely have a trace of the various chemical used on them and the result on human health includes:

  • non-organic foods are sure to come in contact with microorganisms that are harzardous to the human health and thus;cause various unexplained illnesses.
  • the chemical compounds used on this food items while on the field sure have an after effect on the soil in which the crop is planted, destroying the useful microbes in them.
  • eating non-organic food is a sure way of getting long term terminal diseases like cancer amongst others.
  • the chemicals and toxins used in question are also hazardous to our atmosphere and serve as a source of pollution to both man, animal and the health of other earth.

   From the above it is quite vivid that there is no gain in the consumption of non-organic food and the use of sysnthetic chemicals to grow or preserve food. For a healthy body and sound mind, it is quite necessary to strive to eat organic food as much as possible to help repair the damages done to our bodies while eating non-organic food. So what are you waiting for, visit your local stores today and seek out organic food which may be a bit expensive but better for your health, remember;eating good for keeps the Doctor at bay.

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