Not Beyond Repair


This discourse may not be for everybody. It is specially for those who are contemplating giving it up on their marriage.

People may have very good reasons to give it up in their marriage. Reasons being that;

1.Your life is not safe anymore because your spouse is a threat.

2.Your spouse does not believe in you.

3. You are not respected. You’re treated like trash.

4.Your right is infringed upon.

5.Your spouse is esoteric, mystical, weird; may even be a witch or a wizard.

6.You are not deriving joy and happiness in your marriage.

7.You are not getting fulfilled and may never be fulfilled in that marriage the way things are going.

8.You are not compatible with your partner.

9.Your spouse can't give you a child.

10.You were deceived,  manipulated into this.

11. It was a mistake in the first place.

12. Your spouse is incommunicado. You don't seem to get along in communication.

13.Your spouse is incorrigible. They can't be corrected, and can never change.

14. Your spouse is extremely stubborn, impossible.

15. You are not on the same page. You don’t seem to get along.

As tenable and logical as  these reasons may be, it is not enough to throw in the towel in your marriage. I want to assert here that they are not good enough to terminate this lofty and divine project called marriage. Divine? Yes, divine. This is serious.

I have my reservations, though.

This discourse is not for those cohabiting. If you are cohabiting, try and settle your bride price issue or part ways for good.

However, there is a way out if your union is legal and facing the heat of disintegration.

Rules of Engagement

1.Prayers. There is no telling how far your prayers can go. Instead of sulking or throwing in the towel, pray a little more. Pray harder until you get to the end of the matter. Yes! Prayers can change the course of your marriage for good.

2.Thorough soul searching. Your spouse is a reflection of who you really are. So you need to change if things would change for the better. Search your heart thoroughly and you would know if you are sincere with your self or not. Do a deep, thorough soul searching and change your ways.

3.Don't give up. There's a way out of the mass of problems. Things would go down completely only if your mind is repressive, defeated. The defeat or victory starts from your mind.

Have the belief that things may be sour and dirty today, but there would definitely be a better and brighter tomorrow.

See you on the other side of victory.

Osasuyi Omoragbon,

January 2023

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