How to Use Stakepadi to Win at Football Prediction

How to Use Stakepadi to Win at Football Prediction


If you’re looking to make more money betting on football, then you need to try out a prediction site like Stakepadi. It’s a platform where bettors and predictors come together to help each other win bigger at football prediction through sharing their insights with each other. Here’s how it works in 7 steps...


What is Stakepadi?

Stakepadi is a prediction site for football. It lets you place bets on football matches, but also allows you to predict the outcome of matches and share your predictions with others. You can make money by predicting correctly, and help other people win by making predictions on their behalf. You only have a few seconds per day to predict, so take the time now and sign up!


 On Stakepadi you can place predictions on football matches, but you can also make money by predicting on other people's behalf.

You’re only allowed a few seconds per day to place your own predictions, but there are lots of other users who have less time and can’t predict themselves. For these users, you get an allocation of prediction time when you refer them to join. They may not ever use that prediction time, but as long as they stay on Stakepadi you will continue earning from it over time.


How to use Stakepadi

It's easy to start using StakePadi. Just head over to the homepage, sign up, and create your predictions with our prediction editor. You can even make predictions right before kick-off by clicking on the live link in the prediction editor. When you're done, click confirm and you're all set! It doesn't take more than a minute or two to get set up and ready for game day.

1) Head over to the homepage

2) Sign up

3) Create your predictions with our prediction editor

4) Make predictions right before kick-off by clicking on the live link in the prediction editor

5) Click confirm when you're done


What type of bets can I make on Stakepadi?

Stakepadi is a prediction site for football, meaning you can make bets on teams playing against each other in the hope of winning bigger. You can set up a bet for your chosen team and stake an amount to win if they win. You also get points when you bet on the correct outcome. You'll get more points if you're the only one who predicts that outcome, but if it's wrong, then you lose all your points. There are three types of bets: moneyline, spread or over/under. Moneyline means that if your team wins, then you'll be paid out by how much is staked plus 10% profit for every dollar won. Spread betting means that there are different predictions for both teams and whichever team has the higher score will win.


Who can I bet against on Stakepadi?

What if I told you there was a prediction site for football where you could bet against the other players? And even better, what if I told you that not only would you get the opportunity to make more accurate predictions on these games but in turn, make a profit? On this platform, we have some of the most knowledgeable prediction gurus who are willing and ready to take bets. In fact, the site is so confident in their predictions that they are willing to back them up with cash money.


What if I need help using Stakepadi?

Don't worry, we have you covered. To learn how to use our prediction site for football head on over to our tutorial page here.


We'll take you through the basics and show you what makes us different from other prediction sites. We've got a quick start guide for beginners too if you're feeling intimidated by all the numbers.

And don't forget about our help pages if you need any assistance along the way!


Enjoy betting with stakepadi today

Stakepadi is a prediction site for football. It's the only one of its kind and allows you to win more money by being a part of it. You can find some of the best predictors in the world, who are willing to help bettors on Stakepadi and make them win bigger too. Sign up today and start enjoying betting with stake padi today!


Join stakepadi today and win or get refund when you game cut

Stakepadi is a prediction site for football. It uses the wisdom of the crowd to predict football matches and rewards those who get it right. Join stakepadi today and make predictions on your favorite team's match this weekend. You'll win more if you share your predictions with friends, or even find someone who shares your interests in sports prediction. If you lose, don't worry! You can get a full refund when your game cut!

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