Recall and Recognition



In Psychology of Memory, four forms of remembering have been identified, namely,



*Reconstruction, and

*Relearning savings. 


Of these four, I want to talk about Recall and Recognition here. "Recall involves bringing information out of memory without any external assistance." Nicky Hayes and Sue Orrell. 


Recognition is the kind of memory that is being tested in multiple-choice exams, being able to know which is the correct answer when you see it, even though not being able to recall it exactly the way it is, and that is still remembering. Recall is a deeper form of remembering, though. 


So, you may not be able to recall, but if you can recognize facts, figures, and information, that's still remembering, and of course, passing a memory test. This also applies to students in an examination or assessment situation. If a student performs better in objective test questions than in theory, there is no cause for alarm. The child may not have cheated. The student may just be better in recognition than in recall.


Osasuyi Omoragbon 

January, 2023.

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