After the interview with Piers Morgan - Ronaldo is finished.

After the interview with Piers Morgan - Ronaldo is finished. He will not play for us anymore.


And btw I don't like Piers Morgan at all. He wants to make fun of United. That's why he planned this interview with CR7 most likely, at the same time, it's only Ronaldo's fault. He wanted to do this way. I know footballers have their feelings, thoughts about their personally goals and the career way, but I finding this interview quite foolish. The first thing I'm thinking, why using the word "betrayed" when you earn millions of cash, the childrens and the fans' who's looking up at you, and people who showed the support and the love to you since he you re-joined the club and your journey in generally?


I have respected CR7 as a player, and it was sad when he lost one of his new born child, but to see this hurts, it hurts really much.


The time has come  where he should leave the club, as quickly as possible.

ETH has to focus on United. That's the most important thing for all of us if we want the old United back.

I will stick behind our manager.  He his here to help the club, not  just for one player, but for the whole club. He is here to carry United and bring us back.


Erik ten Hag will not use Ronaldo anymore,  that's for sure. And to be honest, that's fair and a right decision. When Paul Pogba acted so badly, we should treat Ronaldo at the same way, because NO ONE is bigger than the club.


Forever United ❤

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