The Power of Consistency


The power of consistency cannot be overestimated, even in business. But the problem many of us have is in keeping through. Keeping through; holding on is a virtue on its own. It is difficult, though, but it's worth the sacrifice. 


Birthing an idea or making a dream come true requires some effort, strength, tenacity, and virtue. Consistency is a veritable tool in this matter. Resilience, too, is needed. Resilience is the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. It is the ability to bounce back and keep going. 


The results of your efforts may not come immediately. The profits may not start rolling in now. You may not get the expected accolades or patronage now, but just keep at it. I have seen more than once, that at the point when people want to start giving up, that feedback, responses, and patronage start coming in, and sometimes, scantily. There have even been some bad cases when after the visioner has given up or closed up that potential customers start asking about the business plan or idea that was once advertised. 


When you are just starting a business, working on an idea or plan, there are times it seems as if nothing is working out or the plan is not workable. That's the more reason you need to get something by the side as a base for financial support before your business fully matures. Sometimes it looks as if there will never be any kind of patronage when just starting. Don't worry, just keep at doing what you are doing. As you are nursing your business in its infant stage, you can't afford to throw away your job and rush at that business which is still teething or still in its embryonic stage(only still just an idea). Also, your business should not suffer because of your job, and your job, too, must not suffer because of your business. 


Do not be discouraged. You see, some of you reading this now may have given up on an idea, plan or business, because it didn't seem to be working out. I urge you to get back to that idea, that vision or dream you long abandoned. Bring it back to life and start working at it again. Start nursing it, following up, and watering it on a daily basis; one step at a time. 


Patience is a virtue in making an idea come to reality. It has got something to do with time. Patience means waiting for the right time. But your waiting has to be active and conscious, if not you will be wasting time. Patience is important in birthing a plan. It is further defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. 


Do not give up on your vision. Hold on to it. Do not underestimate it. That vision of yours is noble. When you keep at it consistently, then you will know when you need to refine it, redefine it, modify it, or make necessary adjustments to it. It is your duty to make sure that dream of yours comes true; but to trash it, abandon it, keep it under your feet, or worse still, forget about it because of a perceived challenge is deadly. Your vision will not work on itself, neither will it work out itself, just keep keeping at it.


Osasuyi Omoragbon, 

February, 2023.

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