Time and Chance


There are basically five stages in a man's life(woman inclusive). I have carefully analyzed the different stages of life as follows,

*Babyhood:0-5 years(5 years)

*Childhood:6-17(12 years)

*Youth: 18-45(28 years)

*Middle age:46-64(19 years)

*Old age, retirement, senior citizenship:65-84, and above(20 years and above)

I don't know the stage you are in now. But one thing is certain, and that is that time is running out. One of the tricks the devil uses to cheat people is that there is still time. The truth is there is no time. Whatever your dreams are, you have to start now.

You must plan your life in such a way that you will be happy, healthy and fulfilled at old age.

Note that Active Old Age is from 65-84

i..65-70. First stage of retirement. You shouldn't be working for anybody at this stage. You can still start your own business, build wealth, and still do great things, but it's better you start your business much earlier.

ii.71-75: second stage of retirement 

iii.76-80: third stage of retirement 

iv.81-84: fourth stage of retirement 

B.None Active Old Age: 85 and above. This stage is actually for resting. It's a stage for sitting down to watch things. This is the stage where all your wealth of experience is treasured and sought for as an astute adviser, supervisor, etc.  You don't need to do any active work at this stage, but just to supervise things. Move around, visit people, share your life experiences. This is not time to remarry if you are a widower. It is not the time to start a business or get involved in active politics, vying for political positions. It is not the time to start a degree of any kind. It is what I call a "sit-down and look period of life." 

"But can't I do something? I still have my hands, legs, and eyes working. This may be so for a very lucky few, but it's not common. Yes you can do something, but passively, not actively. Like I said before, advisory, supervisory, etc.

This is the time to just relax and prepare for your final destination home(settling long-standing generational feuds, etc) because at above 85, you are actually marking extra time. God has been so gracious to you.

But all these good old age experiences would be determined by the investment you made with and in your life during your hay days; your youthful age.

Osasuyi Omoragbon, 

January 2023.

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