You can Change your Financial Status



As you climb the ladder, I want you to begin to see the different levels of income earners. Discover where you are right now, and know that you can rise from one level to another.


The Poor.

They hardly make ends meet, can hardly feed, and can hardly provide for themselves the basic necessities of life, which include food, shelter, education, clothing, and entertainment. Nobody wants to be poor, but many are embracing poverty by their actions, attitudes and mindset. To remain in this stage of life or be emancipated is a matter of the mind, and how well you manage your potentials, and exploit the opportunities that come your way.


The Average.

This is the second category. Due to the biting economic conditions in many countries of the world, especially the third world countries, many struggling people who are perceived to be a little bit comfortable are actually in this category. The average are in-between the poor and the rich. The average can afford two or three square meals a day, afford accommodation (rented or owned), but still sometimes vacillate between want and comfort. They also struggle to retain and maintain the little possessions they have.


The Rich.

The rich are financially comfortable. They have a regular, sustainable and steady source of income. Their cash flow is steady, and their net worth is commendable. They have enough to take care of their basic necessities.  They have enough to give to others and do charity if they are so willing. One who earns up to a million dollars or a little below a million dollars on a monthly basis can be said to be rich. That's why they are called millionaires. Millionaires are rich people.


The wealthy

The wealthy earn in multiples of millions of dollars. That's why they are called multi-millionaires. They can afford to have as many houses as possible, live in mansions, and have a fleet of cars. They usually don't have any difficulty in sustaining and maintaining their assets. They have outstanding cash flow and their net worth is very impressive and highly commendable. They can afford to run foundations and contribute massively to charity.


The extremely wealthy 

These are lenders to nations. They are "the flourishing in wealth." John D. Rockefeller( the first billionaire in the world) was extremely wealthy. Bernard Arnault, Elon Musk, Gautam Adani, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Mukesh Ambani, Steve Ballmer, Larry Page, etc. are all extremely wealthy people.

Have you begun your journey into financial prosperity and abundance? The world is waiting for you.

Osasuyi Omoragbon, 

January 2023.

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Akinfenwa Sunday Muyiwa - Feb 10, 2023, 7:48 PM - Add Reply

Fantastic piece!

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Osasuyi Omoragbon - Mar 6, 2023, 6:46 PM - Add Reply

Thank you, Akinfewa.

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